I drew Elizabeth Henstridge as Agent Jemma Simmons from Agents of Shield.  I gave her a signed print when I met her at the 2016 LA Comic Book and Sci Fi Convention in August.  She was so suprised and happy to get the print!  I was so honored and excited to present it to her!  When I asked her to sign a copy for me, she felt like she could mess it up, but I told her that’s impossible.

I started this digital painting on 6-24-16 using Krita.  I used side-by-side comparison while drawing and I would switch back and forth between the reference photo and my painting to see precisely how close my drawing was coming out to the photograph.  I didn’t trace the original photo or draw over it.  This digital painting is better than any previous artwork that I’ve made, and it’s the first time I reached photo-realism.

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