Poetic Reflections: being off

This time of year there is much talk of Seasons and Greetings and Winter and Weather. Especially if your T.V. only gets The Weather Channel. And you leave it on day and night.


After the Zombie Apocalypse, civilization adapts to troubled times. But can the living and the undead co-exist in peace? A zombie defender must question his principles when a hunter becomes infected . . .

Unleashed: Tail One

Would the tormented pet of a psycho, after witnessing countless abominations, begin to exhibit disturbing behavior? Find out in “Unleashed” what happens when a cat is driven over the edge . . .

Poetic Reflections: the little things

We have all heard it said that “the little things” mean a lot, “the little things” are most important, and when we are in a thankful mood we should appreciate “the little things”.

Poetic Reflections: chocolate-covered eyes

When presented a box of bonbons, has it ever crossed your mind that the center might not be what you expect? Of course, it’s anybody’s guess what hides inside a mixed assortment of chocolates!

Chocolate-Covered Eyes

Lori R. Lopez will tingle your spine while tickling your funny bone in six peculiar tales from two of her story collections: OUT-OF-MIND EXPERIENCES and THE MACABRE MIND OF LORI R. LOPEZ.

Poetic Reflections: serendipitous

What if you are minding your own business and a curious stranger passes you by, carrying a sack that wafts a fragrance that strikes a chord — reminiscent of an intangible emotion . . .

Poetic Reflections: blue moon

A moonlit night is oft described as silvery, defined by a pale sickle or floating saucer illumining the blue-black sky. It can represent a comforting presence against dark uncertainties . . .

Poetic Reflections: Nothing!

That is the answer. So what is the question? What’s on my mind? I think not. There is generally some absurd notion or other ping-ponging in my head . . .

Poetic Reflections: thoughtlessness

Have you ever had to walk around without a thought in your skull? How about an absent mind? It occurs to me. I can be a very thoughtless person.

Poetic Reflections: happy endings

Reality check: Life is not a fairytale in case you weren’t aware, and it isn’t always fair. Sometimes it ends badly. Sometimes it begins badly. Sometimes the middle goes from bad to worse.

Poetic Reflections: intricacies

Shivering at my desk from cold that cannot be warmed by four sweaters, one of which is pretty thick, I must compose a series of words that say a great deal . . .

Poetic Reflections: tanks

I meant to write about “thanks”. And the opposite. How ungrateful we humans have been to Mother Earth. How uncivilized civilizations have been toward other civilizations. How backwards . . .

Poetic Reflections: gothic

Oh yes, I am treading there. Creeping down the woebegone highways and byways of gothic-style horror this Halloween. What could be more appropriate, methinks, than to honor that dark . . .

Poetic Reflections: the root of all fear

Fear is a dreadful topic. Even for an author who occasionally dips her pen in the inky genre pool of Horror and Suspense. And yet it seems almost kismet that I should delve headfirst . . .

Poetic Reflections: treedom

This is my twelfth and final poetry column. I shall miss these monthly maunderings. But will my voice be missed? It seems I have developed such a small and furtive following . . .

Poetic Reflections: bewary very

So what is there to be very wary of? I’ll tell you. Come closer so I can whisper it: “Everything.” That’s right, you heard me. Everything! Not that I’m paranoid.

Poetic Reflections: hallowing

Did I spell it wrong, as in "Halloween"? Or "Hollowing", as to carve a pumpkin's snaggled grin? Let me rub my chin and contemplate. Nay, I think the word should be this way.