Love Conquers All (Acoustic Version)

“LOVE CONQUERS ALL has evolved through the years, starting as a Love Ballad containing a few Social Justice references in 1982. Eleven years later it became all about Social Ills. . .

The World Is One Family (Acoustic Version)

“THE WORLD IS ONE FAMILY embraces the diversity of life on this planet and how each family, large or small, is important . . . connected . . . part of the same family. . . .

Against The Knife (Acoustic Version)

“AGAINST THE KNIFE addresses the social disparity of being in a situation where you are practically invisible, seen by many as a nuisance or blight on the landscape rather than fellow humans...

Angry People (Acoustic Version)

The first live video performance of a song written in 1993 by Lori R. Lopez, performed with her sons Noel and Rafael as The Fairyflies. You can find the lyrics at; also in Poetic Reflections: Keep The Heart Of A Child, a collection of verse by Lori R. Lopez.

Single: Keep The Heart Of A Child

Keep The Heart Of A Child, is a song written by Lori R. Lopez in 1992. The song’s lyrics are featured in the poetry collection by the same name.

The Chupacabras Jig

A song for a funny spooky animated dance video featuring Chupacabras, as described in the humorous fantasy novel titled DANCE OF THE CHUPACABRAS by Lori R. Lopez.