Love Conquers All (Acoustic Version)

“LOVE CONQUERS ALL has evolved through the years, starting as a Love Ballad containing a few Social Justice references in 1982. Eleven years later it became all about Social Ills. . .

The World Is One Family (Acoustic Version)

“THE WORLD IS ONE FAMILY embraces the diversity of life on this planet and how each family, large or small, is important . . . connected . . . part of the same family. . . .

Against The Knife (Acoustic Version)

“AGAINST THE KNIFE addresses the social disparity of being in a situation where you are practically invisible, seen by many as a nuisance or blight on the landscape rather than fellow humans...

Angry People (Acoustic Version)

The first live video performance of a song written in 1993 by Lori R. Lopez, performed with her sons Noel and Rafael as The Fairyflies. You can find the lyrics at; also in Poetic Reflections: Keep The Heart Of A Child, a collection of verse by Lori R. Lopez.

The Queen Of Redmir

A legendary archer is summoned from his tomb to uncover a plot against a queen and help regain her throne in the third LASTENBERG tale.

Bon-Mottery Poetry Reading By Lori R. Lopez

Fairy Fly Entertainment presents author-illustrator-poet Lori R. Lopez reading "Bon-Mottery" (humorous verse about words) from her collection POETIC REFLECTIONS: KEEP THE HEART OF A CHILD.

Follow The Magick Series

Come with us on our Magickal journey! Watch the first web series from Fairy Fly Entertainment on YouTube!

Blood On The Moon

This dark, silly, and serious sequel to KEEP THE HEART OF A CHILD and THE QUEEN OF HATS is the third volume in Lori R. Lopez’s Poetic Reflections book series.

The Witchhunt

This tale begins with a modern setting, on the creepy Ninth Floor of a hotel, where an old woman just wishes to be left in peace. But that isn’t possible.


Trouble with a capital C! The tale begins when a car stops and a body is tossed into the Corn. But this is not just any crop.