“I had no clue if it was even logical to kill something already deceased.”

 Eerie and atmospheric, THE ROOM AT THE END OF THE HALL by Lori R. Lopez unfolds in the vein of an American Gothic Ghost Story: suspenseful, thrilling, dripping with chills . . .

A mix of quiet and psychological horror, nonstop dread, and mysterious lurkings to keep you wondering, while a chamber’s ominous secrets are explored.

The tale is told through innocent eyes that have glimpsed too much. This is no place for children. Yet the Teen Protagonist grew up at the edge of a forest on a secluded estate, raising seven younger siblings largely alone.

For generations the furtive peculiar Garand Family resided in their crumbling mansion — where faces in windows and an arcane forbidden door would invite speculation thick with tension. One night, as the Skeleton Key turns, a wealth of terrifying truths will be unlocked for a descendant chosen to carry out the Bloodline’s darkest traditions.

Some doors are better left unopened.

The Ghost Novella is part of Lori’s SPOOKTACULAR TALES Collection.

Recommended Age Range:  12 and up

Approx. Length:  21,920 Words

Formats:  E-Book


“When you don’t halt Evil, it builds empires.”

 Hand shaking, I inserted the Skeleton Key in the lock. A click echoed. The key automatically tipped forty-five degrees, now grinning. My fingers rebelled, letting go. It had to be enchanted by some occult spirit.

Nonsense. It’s just a creepy old key. Shirking the notion, inhaling, I turned the knob.

At last — as I gawped incredulous — the blue door swung inward, heralded by a classic ominous creak. The sinister aura framing it ebbed to patches of an eldritch sheen: a phosphorescent taint leading into a darksome domain.

~ from The Room At The End Of The Hall

 For centuries men fought each other in wars. They created new ways to kill. Soldiers, often Civilians were casualties. They buried explosives under a layer of earth for enemies to detonate. This house was a Minefield. Our every step an extreme risk. Awareness lay below the surface, like bombs . . .

~ from The Room At The End Of The Hall

“We were never told not to enter.  It was strongly implied.

Don’t know why the silence of restriction, a stern unspoken rule, inspired the mind to dwell, whether daydreaming or asleep, in the space beyond that door.

Blue paint intrigued:  not as pale as a broken shell of sky; a richer hue.  Masquerading all sorts of purposes behind its facade.  Ulterior reasons for whatever type of room abided, festering with morbid inhabitants.  I reposed in bed and believed at every sound of the house settling, the rumble of wind or pipe, a sibling’s stir — I heard it rattle, shudder, creak.  A slab of wood possessed.  Frigid nightmares envisioned lights and shadows in the crack beneath. Mists and odors emanated, wafting, rising.  Or so my Senses conjured.  A coppery taste riled the mouth whenever I was in its vicinity . . . down an elongated shaft.

Not that I went there often.  In spite of my preoccupation, I kept a wary distance.  Curious but not dumb, I hadn’t tried the knob.  I wasn’t brave enough, and I was the eldest of the children.

None, far as I discerned, ever dared to trek across the barrier, that forbidden threshold: the room at the end of the hall. And not once had I witnessed a soul alive or dead step out.”


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