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In our Animals & Nature collection, we’ve included our wide-range of books featuring critters like cats and crows, spiders and salamanders, along with the world around us from the forests to the fens.  Whether you’re an advocate for the environment, a Vegan, or you just love your cat, this assembly is for you!  Some celebrate, while others caution and teach us to care for Earth and all the creatures who share the planet with us.

Darkverse:  The Shadow Hours
The Language Of Life
Tides Of Chaos
The Dark Mister Snark
Odds And Ends
Spider Soup
The Queen Of Hats
Ere The Dark Dirt
The Fruit Of Thy Womb
The Fox Trot
The Mudpuppy
The Fairy Fly
A World Of Words
The Macabre Mind Of Lori R. Lopez:  Thirteen Tormentous Tales
The Lycaning
Some Thing
An Ill Wind Blows
Bad Mood
Unleashed:  Tail One
Keep The Heart Of A Child
Dance Of The Chupacabras
Out-Of-Mind Experiences